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    Welcome. We’ve developed forum rules for you all to benefit most from your experience here. Read this, and if you’re new, make your first post in this thread!


    Show respect to others in the forum. Dedicated players and forum posters will get preferential treatment to those who don’t. Being a trouble maker will get you banned

    You are a guest of SAAV Games. This is our forum and our rules. We welcome suggestions but we aren’t obligated to do anything about them.

    Things not to do:
    * Generic trolling or spamming will get you banned.
    * Try not to flame others. If you must flame, there better be a darn good reason for it.
    * Discussion/jokes etc at the expense of someone’s race, gender, or sexual orientation will get you a warning then a ban.
    * No martyrs. We ban for good reasons. If you post something like “ban?” or “this will get me banned but here goes” etc. we will treat it as a request to be banned.
    * Players who deliberately act against the building of a community will be denied access to these forums.


    Our mods from around the world will be working hard to nurture this community. The mods have a very tough job. Make their job easier and so we can all enjoy using the forums.

    The forum is primarily moderated by volunteers who play our games. Our mods are people, like you, and volunteer their time because they love the games and want to help the community. If they ban someone, there was probably a very good reason for it. If you believe a certain ban was a mistake, you can contact a Mod privately.

    If you have a problem with the moderation of any sub-forum or the forum in general, do not create a topic or post in public about it or it will be removed. If you have complaints on moderator decisions, please send in a ticket through the in-game support system.

    Encourage our mods when they do good and offer suggestions privately if you have constructive feedback. Abuse or hate mail will be ignored.


    Contribute to the site. Each member should offer something interesting, helpful, or fun to the forum. Good contributors will get good treatment, the best will be given awards or titles.

    An opening post should be well thought out. We want quality posts, not just quantity.

    4. NO SPAM

    No Ads, illegal stuff, copyrighted materials, adult content, threats of bodily harm, etc. We will ban you for those things, or links to those things.

    Due to an increase in spam bots registering/posting on the site people with under a certain amount of posts will have their posts moderated before they are seen by everybody else.


    Forum members are expected to be able to read and write in English. So please post in English or your post will be deleted.

    6. BE REAL

    This means you don’t use clones or try to impersonate others etc. Nasty/offensive usernames will be banned. Don’t lie about your home country-you should be proud of where you’re from. If we suspect someone’s abusing, we will just ban you.

    7. HAVE FUN

    The forum is what our forum members will make of it. Make this forum a cool place to hang out, talk with like minded folks and have a lot of fun!!

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